Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

These are the conditions of booking of Travel Trans Athens. By booking  with Travel Trans Athens , you agree to have read, understood, and fully accept All Terms of Service listed below. It is your responsibility to ensure that services and information provided by Travel Trans Athens on this website meets your specific requirements. If you disagree with any parts of our terms of service, please DO NOT proceed to use this website.

  • All above rates are quoted in Euro.
  • Daily tour  prices don’t include guiding, any amounts for food, drinks and entrance fees for museums/archaeological sites. ( Tour Guide is available upon request )
  • There is a night shift charge of 15 euros for transfers between 22:00 to 06:00 . 

Please note that any extra services your driver may provide in addition to what we promise to deliver ; a punctual, safe, reliable and courteous transfer in a comfortable vehicle is solely at the discretion and ability of your driver and offered in hopes of receiving a gratuity for the extra services he provided, it is not mandated by Travel Trans Athens  and has no reflection on services that Travel Trans Athens promises and guarantees to provide. Travel Trans Athens  accepts no responsibility or complaints if your driver  cannot or does not provide extra services beyond what he is required  in order to fulfill our commitment of service.

We do not tolerate inappropriate, abusive, rude, harassing, or disrespectful behavior by any passenger towards other passengers , our drivers and staff , either in person over telephone or email. We reserve the right to refuse service at any time (including during tour or transfer service) to any person we deem behaving inappropriately, is intoxicated by alcohol or illegal substances, excessively disturbs the driver while driving in ways that could potentially present a safety risk.

Smoking , eating or drinking from cups or other open containers (cans or coffee cups) that are susceptible to spillage is not permitted   inside the vehicles. Bottled beverages that can be closed tightly with a cap are welcomed. Please treat the vehicle with respect as to not cause any damage to it.

  • Pets are allowed in our vehicles, provided they are inside a secure pet carrier for traveling, according to our state policy.
  • Due to Greek law regulations, a professional driver can be occupied certain hours a day (12 hours)  included rest stop .
  • Your Tour Driver will provide limited commentary and basic information only while at the vehicle.
  • Only licensed Tour Guides may accompany or guide you at the sites you visit.
  • For your safety inside the vehicle, drivers provide commentary only when it is deemed safe to do so while driving. When your driver must concentrate during various driving conditions, please refrain from any distracting behavior as your safety during the tour is our top priority.
  • If you have preferences regarding A/C, heat, music, or typically experience motion sickness while driving, please feel free to let your driver know immediately so he can accommodate your needs.
  • If you are experiencing any issues or problems during the tour or transfer, please call us at the telephone number provided. If you do not have a working cell phone, please ask your driver to call the office from his cell phone so we can help you and resolve any issues you may be experiencing.

According to Greek law, professional drivers are permitted to use their hands free cell phones for work related issues. From time to time you driver may need to make and answer calls as it is part of our job.

Please be advised that legal speed on Greece’s highways/motorways may be higher than in many other countries. The standard legal speed on Greek motorways is 130 Km (80 miles per hour). Your driver  will safely obey the legal speed as electronic speed checks are implemented throughout by the state to catch speeders.
IMPORTANT: If legal driving speed makes you feel uncomfortable, it is your obligation to inform your driver, and if it is safe to drive at a lower speed your driver will oblige. It is important to note that driving far below the speed recommended by Greece state troopers (110-120 km) can become a traffic hazard as other vehicles try to overtake slower moving vehicles.

Travel  Insurance

Passengers are covered against injuries while on coaches only .We recommend that all passengers are insured before traveling abroad . Please contact your insurance advisor or broker.

Baggage &  Lost Items

Baggage is at owner’s risk throughout the Service booked ( Transfer or Tour) , unless insured. Small articles, coats, wraps, umbrellas, cameras, hand bags and any other items are carried on a motor coach are entirely under the care of the passenger who is cautioned of the risk attached to these being left in conveyances.  Every effort will be made to retrieve lost or forgotten items.  However,  Travel Trans Athens  and its agents, in no way can be held responsible if such items are not retrieved.

Special Requirements

At the time of booking it is the customer’s responsibility to advise us of any special requests such as child  seat ,  *extra luggage , a wheelchair , or any mobility requirements for transfers or tours . This is to ensure that the correct vehicle is available to meet your specific requirements.

* Extra luggage : Please note that it is your responsibility to inform us about the exact number of baggages due to the fact that we do not have the ability to cross-check these information.

Suitcases are categorized as follows in cm [and in] (length x width x depth) :

  • Small suitcase (or Cabin size or Hand luggage) : 55 x 40 x 20 (~ 40 lt.) [in: 22 x 16 x 8]
  • Medium suitcase (or Normal size) : 65 x 50 x 25 [in: 25 x 20 x 10] (~ 75 lt.)
  • Large suitcase (or Big size) : 75 x 50 x 30 [in: 30 x 20 x 12] (~ 120 lt.)
  • Extra Large suitcase (or Very big size) : 80 x 55 x 35 [in: 31 x 22 x 14] (~ 150 lt.)

Keep in mind that the driver may refuse to complete your journey without any refund of your payment, if there is a discrepancy between the information you have given us and the event or he may order another vehicle to carry on your luggage at extra charge. 

Transaction Security

Travel Trans Athens uses EUROBANK S.A. for handling all the payments. Eurobank uses the Secure Sockets Layer (“SSL”). SSL encrypts your personal information such as your password, address and telephone number, and your credit card is available only to you and the credit card companies.

Online Transfers Booking

  • All transfers should be booked at least  12 hours prior to the pick up location . 
  • For last minute booking please contact us via phone to check for availability . +306937987169 ( What’s up & Viber )

Airport & Port Transfers

Please note that for  transfers with a 20 seater minibus ( from  Athens International Airport El. Venizelos & Ports to any destination in Athens and all over Greece and vice-versa) accommodation would be only  for  14 persons  due to insufficient luggage space of  all minibuses .

  • The driver at airport  will wait 45 minutes ,(complimentary waiting time) after programmed landing of your flight.  In the event that the client  does not show up the driver will make the first  announcement at the information deck and after 5 minutes the second one .  If again there is no-show  he will leave .

Port Transfers 

  • The  driver at port  will wait  35 minutes (complimentary waiting time) after programmed docking of the ship. After this period if there is no – show  the driver will leave. You may ask waiting time with extra charge if there is availability.

Local Transfers

  • The driver will wait 15 minutes (complimentary waiting time) after programmed departure . After this period if there is no – show  the driver will leave.  You may ask waiting time with extra charge if there is availability.

Cancellation Policy for Transfers

  • If you cancel a transfer 5 days before the scheduled date, the full amount will be refunded.
  • If you cancel a transfer up to  48 hours before scheduled, you will be charged with a 50% cancellation fee .
  • If you cancel a transfer up to 24 hours before scheduled, you will be charged with a 100% cancellation fee . (no refund)
  • For Non Show, the deposit is non refundable.

Cancellation Policy For Land Tours 

  • Up to 45 days before starting date – full refund
  • 44 – 30 days before starting date – 10% cancellation fee
  • 29 – 10 days before starting date – 30% cancellation fee
  • 9 – 2 days before starting date – 50% cancellation fee
  • From 1 day before starting date and later – 100% cancellation fee

We reserve the right to cancel or re-schedule any tour departure for any reason including unforeseen circumstances or low participation or demand.  We will provide an alternative date for the same tour itinerary and same cost but we will not be responsible for any additional transportation costs of tickets or transportation other than what is booked with Travel Trans Athens .

Cancellation Policy For Daily Tours – Departing From Athens Or Piraeus Port

  • If you cancel your reservation 10 days before the scheduled date of the tour, the full amount will be refunded.
  • If you cancel your reservation up to 5 days before the scheduled date of the tour, 50% of the amount will be refunded.
  • For cancellations within 5 days of scheduled date, you are not entitled to a refund.


Your tour hotels are confirmed to you when you receive your tour documentation.  We reserve the right to change accommodation if deemed necessary for any reason including random maintenance issues, overbooking or if a situation occurs where accommodation change is beneficial to you.  Any accommodation changes will be of similar or higher standard.

Itineraries & Transfers

Your daily tour program or transfer is scheduled according to distance, driving times and opening hours of places of interest.  We reserve the right to change or adapt this itinerary if we encounter third party obstacles which we cannot control such as road works, strikes or political demonstrations, forces of nature and unpredictable circumstances.  In these cases we will adapt our itinerary accordingly. Travel Trans Athens and its agents, in no way can be held responsible on delevering their services when encountering  forces of nature and unpredictable circumstances .

Please note that all alterations or cancellations should be made via e-mail , and confirmed by us so your cancellation will be on record. WE DO NOT ACCEPT CANCELLATIONS BY PHONE, TEXT MESSAGE, OR 3RD PARTIES.

  • Should the cruise ship change their itinerary and docks at the port of Piraeus on alternate of prebooked date of your tour, you are kindly requested to inform us ASAP, in which case your tour will go ahead as planned on new date of arrival !
  • If for any unforeseen reason the cruise ship does not dock at the port of Piraeus, you will be fully refunded.
  • Do you have any questions or want to clear out something? Contact us and we will be back to you with an answer !

Travel Trans Athens may change on-line these Terms & Conditions at any time. You are kindly requested to check out from time to time the site content . Your use of this website and any dispute arising out of such use of the website is subject to the laws of Greece , Community law and relevant International treaties and conventions and by booking with us, you hereby submit to the jurisdiction of such courts for such purposes.Reproduction is prohibited other than solely for personal and non-commercial use on your own personal computer or mobile device and not shared publicly .This website contains material which is owned by or licensed to Travel Trans Athens .