Half Day Corinth Tour



  • Corinth Canal (Isthmus of Corinth)
  • Ancient Corinth
  • Acrocorinth
  • Temple of Aphrodite

Departure: Piraeus Port
Duration: 6 hours



The drive to Corinth offers a variety of landscape viewing the Saronic Gulf and its islands, until we reach the Corinth Canal (short stop for 20-30 minutes). The 6,346 m long isthmus, is one of the four pre 20th century, man-made waterways on earth. The canal connects the Aegean Sea (East) with the Ionian Sea (West). The view is breathtaking.

The opening of the canal was a very old idea. At the western entrance a paved way on which the ancient Corinthians pulled the ships on greased tree trunks from the one side to the other can be seen. Finally, the canal was finished and opened, only in 1893.

The town of ancient Corinth where St. Paul lived, worked and preached for two years is 7km from the canal, at the base of the hill of Acrocorinth. Acrocorinth was the Acropolis of Corinth and it rises about 600m (1800 ft). Ruins of a temple of Aphrodite, dominating the site, can be seen here. You can see the remains of the theatre and the Roman Odeon. After exploring the museum and the site according to the time, you may walk around have a snack or drink a coffee.

After the break, we return to Athens, enjoying the amazing view.

Not included

  • Admission fees
  • Tour guide
  • Lunch


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